As an employee, executive, entrepreneur, student or teenager we face transformation challenges every single day in a world of constant acceleration.

Our way to cope with these challenges and to make the choices we believe right for us confronts us daily with change issues. Any transformation needs to be addressed and mastered in a systemic way as a whole comprehensive transformation dynamic focusing on each individual at its heart.

In order to reveal our full potential when leading these transformation process, it is meaningful to anticipate and align with a congruent value & culture model that makes sense to us. This then enables a natural, organic and progressive transformation journey.

As a certified professional coach trained by ICF (WAKAN coaching school in Geneva), a certified Multiple Natures Practitioner, a certified Practitioner in the use of Cultural Transformation Tools from the Barrett Value Center and with approx. 20 years of proven and solid HR & leadership experience at senior and executive levels, KAIROS Proximity offers support in designing, driving and implementing these transformation dynamics for you personnaly or your organisation.


The human factor is at the heart of every transformation process and needs a high and privileged level of focus and attention. Every transformation process - even and especially in tough or difficult times - can be anticipated and managed in a mindful and respectful way.

Investing in and focusing on people as the key asset and value for an organisation is the only way of building sustainable development and generate value.


Building and driving transformation, with the mind, based on traditional work patterns (focused on organisation, processes, tools and communication) is absolutely necessary, however, it is insufficient and does not fuel a healthy ecosystem of sustainable, individual and collective performance.

In addition, every transformation needs to be anticipated and implemented with the heart and the spirit, at the right level and in alignment with the organisation’s agreed value & culture model.


Every sustainable and successful transformation has to be based on two basic orientations:

1- answering the key questions such as « What are your values & what is your culture? », « What is your vision? », « What is your strategy? », « What is your organisational model? », « What is your roadmap? », « How do you take strategic decisions? », « How do you communicate internally? », « How do you ensure operational follow-up? » and

2- repeatedly focusing organisational growth consistently around the agreed framework in the best interest of the collective assets.

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